Kindred History of the Reno Area

19th Century

Reno, and before it Lake’s Crossing, was never a priority of the Camarilla or Sabbat. Virginia City was of far more interest due to the large population during the gold rush. Virginia City for a number of years was a stronghold of the Camarilla. The Sabbat made occasional attempts to overthrow the Prince, but were never successful. The Sabbat were not too concerned with a relatively small city that’s focus was money.

The end of the gold rush and the exodus of people did far more damage to the Camarilla of Virginia City that the Sabbat could ever hope to do. The Kindred population of over a dozen eventually plummeted to only a couple. During the height of Virginia City’s boom, a Ventrue claimed Princedom of the city. When he abdicated his position to find greener pastures, his Seneschal, a Nosferatu by the name of Fjord took over the throne. To this day Fjord still claims Virginia City as his own.

20th Century

For the first couple decades of the 20th century, Reno was unclaimed. But when gambling was legalized in 1931, Reno became a beacon for the Ravnos. Within five years the Ravnos fortified the city and formed a ruling body of elders.

This council of elders assisted in making sure feuds between individual Ravnos didn’t get out of hand. They insured the local gaming clubs were fully controlled by the clan. For almost two decades the council ruled with few problems.

By the mid 1950, the Italian mob was making serious inroads to the gaming community in Reno. Wars ensued between the mob and the familiars of the Ravnos. In the end, the council was destroyed. The mob controlled the city and Garridan, a Ravnos, controlled the mob.

The time of free love and a drug positive attitude brought with it unique troubles for Garridan and the Ravnos. The Setites made their move on taking control of Reno. Some say they were supported by the Camarilla to overthrow the gypsies. In the end, little blood was spilt and the Ravnos and the Setites came to an agreement, referred to as the Treaty of San Rafael. This agreement held for the next five decades.

21st Century

With the Setites and Ravnos working together, the city saw no new attempts by the Camarilla or Sabbat to gain a foothold. The city was virtually impregnable. That is until the week of nightmares in 2011.

Almost overnight all of the Ravnos disappeared. This created a power vacuum in Reno. The Setites did their best to take the reins from the absent Ravnos. The Camarilla and the Sabbat were quick to react to the vulnerability of the city.

By May of 2012, the Setite population was decimated. The Camarilla and the Sabbat both control large areas of the city, but neither can claim victory. The war of Reno has just begun. Only time will tell who will be the victor.


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