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“Sometimes when a line is drawn in the sand, it must be crossed. When the enemy pushes, you must push back. Reno is too valuable a gem, too important a stronghold, too priceless a codex to let it fall into the hands of the enemy. To lose it to the enemy is simply unacceptable, unfathomable; that is why they fight; because they must.”
~Marconius, Clan Kiasyd, Prince of Strasbourg

Reno, once the shining stronghold of the Ravnos is now in contention. The Ravnos gone, their allies the Setites destroyed, the city is now open for new leadership. The only question left is who will claim the Biggest Little City as their own; the Camarilla or the Sabbat.

Blood in the Sand is a unique game in the since that it is two games running simultaneously. One Camarilla and one Sabbat, both fighting over Reno and trying destroying their enemy.

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